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The following is a description of the variety of services offered at Equilibrium Therapeutic Riding.

Private Therapeutic Riding lessons: ETR offers a therapeutic horsemanship program, which means that in addition to learning to ride the horse they also learn to prepare the horse (to the maximum of his/her ability) for the riding lesson. Not only does this process develop the rider’s co ordination skills but also can be effective in meeting therapeutic goals (carrying heavy saddle, fine motor skills on the buckles, tactile development through touching the horse etc) and all in a functional, non-clinical way. The student also learns the process of preparing the horse for the lesson as well as a feeling of responsibility and care for the horse.

The therapy session progresses beyond the horsemanship to a therapeutic riding lesson designed specifically for the individual. Each rider has different needs and therefore each lesson is set up to facilitate the rider to meeting his/her goals. Often an individual with a disability has a whole team of professionals and supporters who together with the client assess the goals for that individual each year. Equilibrium is a member of the planning team and and we take goals and apply them functionally to horseback riding.

The following is a list of benefits of therapeutic riding:

The therapy sessions are offered in 30 or 60 minute time slots which is determined after the introductory lesson and dependent on the child’s attention span and/or physical endurance.

Depending upon the child’s age, these private lessons generally take place in the evenings after school. However, riding sessions may be booked during the day for home schooled or pre-school aged children.

The riding lessons run in 5 month sessions where the client is committed to 4 lessons per month (1 lesson/week) for the 5 month session. The 5 month sessions run September to the end of January and February to the end of June. The summer session runs for July and August and private sessions are still offered during that time.

Contract work: Equilibrium Therapeutic Riding is available for contract work by a variety of school divisions, organizations and government agencies. This contract work runs usually during the daytime as it is offered as a school activity. Students come in small groups or individually depending on the child’s needs. During the summer Equilibrium is available for large contracts by organizations offering day camps.

Achieve Program: This program is offered in the summer only. The Achieve program is a 4 or 5 day intensive program designed specifically to develop a skill by providing the student with the chance to practice on consecutive days. This is also an attraction for parents who want to keep their child involved in the riding program but don’t want to commit to a weekly lesson due to holiday plans.

Summer day camps: The summer day camps are 5- day riding groups that run for 3 hours each day for 5 days. The day camps are full of horse related activities as well as one and a half hour group therapy sessions. The whole camp is surrounded around the social aspects of riding and activities involving teamwork. Students love this opportunity and look forward to participating year after year.

Group lessons: The group sessions are offered primarily to students who have been riding previously in private sessions and require therapy in the area of socialization. Not only will the students be motivated by the others in the lesson, but they will also be forming friendships through their common interest-horses!

Private and group lessons to the general public: As we have Equine Canada certified competition coaches, we welcome rider's of all ages and abilities to join our training program. We also offer riders the chance to participate in completion of their Equine Canada Rider level exams.

Mentorship of individuals wishing to complete their Canadian Therapeutic riding Association certification: We welcome individuals wanting to pursue certification. We can assist you with gaining pre-requisites and mentorship hours required for this certification. Note: this service is available upon application only and dependent on the time of year and our current schedule. Please call or email for more details.